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Sauces: Because What’s a Dish Without Sauce?

Sauces are an essential component of cuisines around the globe, which can magnify the flavor and consistency of the dishes on your table. We encourage you to explore different countries and cultures that offer extraordinary variety.

In this section, learn more about the range of sauces that have enhanced meals for eons and excited taste buds internationally. From classic gravies to innovative condiments, we here at Mama Fang’s look forward to helping you find new sauces you love on your culinary journey!

Sauce Types

  • Hot and Spicy: Whether you’re looking for chili paste to add to your hot pot or the ingredients to make your own hot sauce, we have what you need. Hot sauces, chili pastes, chili oils, and more are here for those who love a dish with some kick.
  • Herb-Based: These sauces contain a mix of fresh herbs, oil, and spices to add some refreshing dimension to your dish. Try your hand at whipping up (or buying a premade) herb-based sauce, like recaito or cilantro chutney, and find a new favorite flavor profile to add to your library.
  • Cream-Based: Most creamy sauces begin with a base of milk, flour, and butter. Add some complimentary flavors into this base, like cheese or onions, to amp up your sauce and dinnertime.
  • Tomato sauces: These are sauces where the primary ingredient is – you guessed it – tomatoes. In the United States, the forms that most are familiar with come from Mexican and Italian cooking, but many other favorites from different cultures should not be overlooked, like Filipino spaghetti sauce, Turkish tomato paste, and many kinds of curry.
  • Curries: Speaking of curry, some are made with tomatoes, but not all, so we wanted to ensure we highlighted this dish, a spiced sauce typically served with rice or bread. The spices and flavors in curry vary across cultures, so come explore Thai curries, Indian curries, West Indian curries, and more!
  • Stocks: This savory cooking liquid is made from simmering bones, herbs, aromatics, and other vegetables for several hours. This cooking process extracts the flavors from what is simmering, and the result is a liquid used as an ingredient or base for many delicious dishes. You can buy stock that is pre-made, but, if you want to try making your very own from scratch, we sell pork and beef bones that are perfect for this purpose!
  • Broths:  The difference between stock and broth, also called bouillon, is that broth is made from simmering meat or chopped vegetables, whereas bones or whole vegetables are found in stock. You can purchase liquid broth, but bouillon is also often found in a dehydrated form that comes in a powder or cube to be rehydrated during cooking. Broth is typically a thinner liquid than stock, which is why it is often used as a base for soup dishes like ramen and pho.
  • Condiments: A condiment is a substance often served on the side that is used to give food a specific flavor. Depending on geography and culture, the condiments on your table can vary widely. Some examples include soy sauce, peanut sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, and ponzu sauce. Whether used for dipping or as an ingredient in your culinary endeavors, these sauces always give a dish some more personality.

Visit us soon – we have shelves full of sauces to choose from, and we’re passionate about helping you find the right choice to complement your weekly menu and expand your culinary horizons.

Have a favorite recipe? We’d love to hear it!

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