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The Mama Fang’s Origin Story

When our parents, Danny Fang and Hui Zheng, first opened their food shop in Manhattan, Kansas, they had a clear vision in mind to give themselves and their community the taste of home that they had been missing. Located on Stagg Hill Road just off Fort Riley Boulevard, the building had originally been a Chinese buffet restaurant that Mama and Papa Fang owned and operated. In 2010, Danny and Hui set out on turning the banquet room of the restaurant into an international market that we now know as Mama Fang’s.

Throughout the evolution of the family business, this location has always served as an after-school playground for us, the Fang children – East, Fanny, and Lisa. We have many memories of playing in the store as our parents worked to build a community-focused international food market that catered to all cultures and backgrounds. Growing up in this business has encouraged us to carry an imaginative and curious spirit.

We now work together to run the store, and, eventually, we changed the shop’s name to Mama Fang’s to honor Hui, our beloved family matriarch. We believe that our business is about much more than just selling international food – we aim to make people feel seen and welcomed while broadening our community’s perspectives and palates. 

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Couple standing in front of an asian market storefront, smiling proudly.
Three friends sharing a light-hearted moment in an asian grocery store, surrounded by a colorful array of snack options.
Three friends share a joyful moment surrounded by a colorful assortment of snacks in a vibrant store.
Three friends sharing a hearty laugh in an aisle surrounded by colorful snack packages.

About Mama Fang’s Asian Market

Today, Mama (and Papa) Fang have retired and we run the store, taking pride in celebrating our family’s Chinese history while also helping the community explore global cultures by supplying ingredients from more than 35 different countries. We are constantly on the lookout for new items to excite customers and deliver a taste of home, no matter how close or far home may be.

In addition to the enormous selection you’ll find on the shelves, Mama Fang’s strives to be a welcoming neighbor, using food as a form of care and storytelling. The market offers customers an opportunity to walk around the world in 15 minutes – and we believe that a curious palate is a great way to encourage inclusivity and empathy.

We’re thrilled to be working together as the next generation of Mama Fang’s, serving the Manhattan community with warmth, compassion, and an ever-evolving palate.

With gratitude,

East, Fanny, and Lisa

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