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Do you offer any discounts or loyalty programs?

We frequently offer weekly or daily specials on particular items. Stop in to see what we have on sale or check out our Facebook page for the latest. We are also working on setting up a loyalty program for our customers, so stay tuned for future posts about that.

What is an international market?

An international market is a store that specializes in offering a wide selection of food products and ingredients from various cultures and countries around the world. We at Mama Fang’s tend to think about our international market as more than just a place to buy food, but also a gathering place for our community where people from all kinds of backgrounds can come together to explore and celebrate culinary diversity.

What types of products do you carry at Mama Fang’s International Market?

We carry a wide variety of ingredients, snacks, meals and other food items from over 35 different countries, including China, Korea, Japan, India, the Philippines, Jamaica, Nigeria, Turkey and many more. To learn more about the ingredients we offer and how to use them, check out these pages.

Where are you located and what are your hours of operation?

Mama Fang’s international market is located at 2304 Stagg Hill Road, Suite D, in Manhattan, Kansas, just off Fort Riley Boulevard. We are open every day from 11am until 8pm , and we would love to see you there! Check out our Google page for the latest and any information on holiday hours or other closures.

Who is Mama Fang, and will we see her in the store?

Mama Fang is our mom who served as the anchor of this business for many years. Growing up in the shop, we heard our customers call her, “Mama.” It made sense - she put in as much effort and love into this shop and its customers as she did with us, her children. Today, Mama Fang is retired from her day-to-day role here at the shop, but she loves visiting when she can. Hopefully, you can catch her when she’s around! Read more about Mama Fang’s origin story here.

Do you offer online shopping or delivery services?

We are currently in the process of creating an online shopping experience for our customers specifically for Mama Fang’s merch, snacks, and ramen, so stay tuned! If you want us to let you know when these services are up and running, click here and add yourself to our mailing list.

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