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Housewares: We Know You’ll Hit the Jack-Pot

Whether you’re looking for some new kitchen accessories or want to shop but don’t have an appetite, we have a large selection of housewares for you to peruse! At Mama Fang’s, you can find sets of chopsticks, teacups, bamboo steamers, and more

In this section, we will take you on a virtual tour of the non-food items we are proud to offer.

Types of Housewares

  • Cookware: When preparing your dinner menu, it’s important to make sure you have the instruments you need for cooking. We offer many options to add to your culinary toolkit, including pots, pans, bamboo baskets, woks, mortars and pestles, and more.
  • Dishes: Once you’ve done the cooking, you need to serve it up. We have a selection of bowls, plates, and even tupperware for your choosing. We also have a selection of teapots and teacups – even mugs that are shaped like cats! – so come on in and find some dishes that are great for sipping and showing off your personality.
  • Utensils: Ready to dive in? Grab a set of chopsticks or some spoons and dive right in. We also have a variety of hot pot ladles, training chopsticks for beginners, and other tools that can help out while prepping and cooking.
  • Kitchen Accessories:  There’s nothing we love to accessorize more than our home. In this vein, we’ve got many household necessities, including dish clothes, pot scrubbers, and rubber gloves to add to your own pantry.

Visit us soon to check out our offerings. We have a great selection that can add some charm to your kitchen or serve as a thoughtful gift for a loved one, and we’d love to share our housewares with you.

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