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Beverages: Sip Back and Relax

There’s plenty more than water to wet your whistle. Whether you’re looking for something caffeinated or a new juice or a special soda to excite your taste buds, we’ve got you covered.

In this section, we invite you to check out our offerings and find drinks that quench thirsts around the world. Mama Fang’s is here to help you find your new favorite drink.

Beverage Types

  • Teas: We have a wide selection of bottled teas and tea bags (or loose leaf if you prefer) to choose from. If you’re looking for something herbal, consider ginger or jasmine tea. You will also find an array of green teas, milk teas, bubble teas, and more for your choosing.
  • Soft drinks: If you’re looking for something carbonated, we have options for you. From ramune to sparkling yuzu, we have a range of flavors to offer you.
  • Juices: Many of us already drink certain fruit juices, but we offer some flavors which may be new to you. Try something that you won’t find at your average grocery store – consider juices from ginger, calamansi (a small citrus fruit), mango, or lychee. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s a juice for you.
  • Dairy and Dairy-free Alternatives: We’ve got a range of creamy drinks that are dairy- and soy-based. Our selection ranges in flavor, including chocolate and almond, and some contain probiotics, so come take a look at what we have in stock.
  • Other Specialty Drinks: Like Irish Moss and Malta India, we have a number of drink offerings that don’t fall into the categories above. Come check out what we have or let us know if there’s something you’re looking for that isn’t on our shelves.

Visit us soon – we’re passionate about sharing our diverse and flavorful beverage selection from around the globe with you.

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